Business Opportuinty sought by medical device specialist...

Former CEO with 40+ years of Experience in Medical Devices

Bernard is currently looking for  a Business arrangement or opportunity   that will make use of his extensive knowledge and expertise gained over his 40+ years in the Healthcare Industry.

The ideal  Business  Arrangement or Opportunity  could possibly be in an Advisory Capacity or a Retained Consultancy role...or Responsible Person under the New MDR 2017/745  regulation.

The company might be:    an SME  (or  a  1+ person upwards company) looking to;

• expand their current operations; OR

• introduce new or innovative products to the market; OR

• make sense of the new Medical Device Regulations [2017/745] including the new requirement for a Responsible Person !; OR


•  ​implement the recently published ISO EN 13485:2016. ...​; OR

• simply to have “ …an independent external extra pair of eyes, give input to Management Review meetings, and thereby complement existing efforts to Improve the business, Cut Wastage and Reduce Costs…” 

Notified Body Auditor and Tech File / Design Dossier Reviewer...

During his 40+ YEARS in the Medical Device Industry, Bernard has spent many years as a Lead Auditor & Tech File / Design Dossier Reviewer, on behalf of several UK Notified Bodies. 

Specific Expertise

Although Bernard’s expertise has been in the Active Diagnostic and Therapeutic Medical Devices sector, with emphasis being on Electrical Devices, he has a wide experience on a full range of Medical Devices, covering all Classes from Class I Sterile / Measuring; Class IIa; Class IIb and through up to the highest risk Class III devices.


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